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Víctor Morales

Chief Prosecutor

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Víctor Morales

Víctor Morales Bazán (Lima, 1964) Having completed 26 years of service to date, I am an attorney with specialized knowledge in the judicial procedure, one of my main functions is the legal and exclusive representation of both individuals and legal entities in the various courts of Lima, I have the power, and I am trained to perform, a number of functions that streamline the development of the judicial procedure of the cases of clients.

In the development of my functions, I am the one who maintains a close relationship with the lawyer, being in charge of providing support and expediting the processing of court proceedings, presenting the claims and documents, copies for the other parties and submitting the briefs. As well as remembering the deadlines and expirations checking that everything is done in accordance with the strict procedural laws to avoid incurring in failures. I collect notifications from the different Courts of Lima that arrive daily, addressed to our clients and we put them in the hands of the lawyer of the case, I also have the responsibility to present as many briefs as necessary in search of the necessary procedural momentum to avoid delays in the processing of cases. I am daily in the judicial headquarters to carry out all the necessary steps for the good development of the judicial process of the law firm I am in charge of.

Studies and grades

  • Primary and Secondary Studies at the Experimental Institute School No. 8 based in Rimac. Year (1970 to 1975 and from 1976 to 1981).

Professional Experience

  • Estudio Rodriguez Angobaldo SAC, I work as Attorney for the different areas of specialization of the legal area of the Firm (1996 - To date).
  • Estudio Eleazar Zavaleta Lozano, I worked in the Procurement Area promoting Bank processes (1997 to 1999).
  • Guillermo Barco Massa, I worked in the area of Procurement (1984 to 1991).
  • Estudio Sumar Calment Oscar, I worked in the area of Procurement.