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Carmen Rosa Briceño


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Carmen Rosa Briceño

A lawyer with 19 years of experience in Administrative Law and 14 years of experience in Energy Regulation (electricity and hydrocarbons market). She has advised and sponsored in several controversies (administrative, legal and arbitration) to the most important electricity companies in the country, and to institutions such as MINEM, OSINERGMIN and COES.

Studies and Degrees

  • Diploma in Public Management granted by ZEGEL-IPAE (2022) and awarded first place.
  • Diploma in National and International Arbitration granted by Pacífico University (2011).
  • Diploma in Energy Law granted by UPC (2009).
  • Law Degree by Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (2006).

Professional Experience

  • Estudio Echecopar-Baker and Mackenzie, consultant in the area of Energy Regulation (2018), assistant associate in the area of Administrative. (2006-2008).
  • Estudio Miranda & Amado, associate in the area of Energy Regulation (2008-2010).
  • The National Interconnected System Financial Operation Committee -COES, legal advisor to the Chairman of the Board (2010-2013).
  • The Supervisory Agency for Investment in Energy and Mining of Peru-OSINERGMIN, legal specialist in various procedural review processes COES (2016-2017).
  • ISOPETROL LUBRICANTS DEL PERÚ, senior lawyer in charge of the regulatory area (2014 - 2016).
  • 360° Regulation, in charge of the legal area (2019-2022).

Teaching Experience

  • LP-Pasión por el Derecho, Professor of Administrative Law, Sanctioning Procedure and Public Management Diploma.
  • CDA-PUCP, lecturer in the IV Course of Specialization in Mining and Energy.
  • EFESTOS-SAN MARCOS, lecturer in the Energy Seminar: Regulation of Oil, Natural Gas and Electricity.
  • CDA-PUCP, lecturer at the Short Course on Electricity Law.
  • PUCP, assistant professor to Juan Carlos Morón in the Administrative Law Course.
  • PUCP, assistant professor of Ramón Huapaya in the Administrative Economic Law Course.


  • Ius 360°, the position of in charge of the electricity and hydrocarbons regulation column in Ius 360°.
  • Energía Magazine, article on "The price of natural gas for the electricity market".


  • Lima Bar Association.
  • WIN-Women in Energy
  • WIP-Women in the Profession


  • Spanish and English