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"We have succeeded in putting the stamp of high specialization in the areas of negotiation, conciliation and arbitration on our service".

Our Arbitration practice has positioned itself as a benchmark in the legal market for handling disputes before national and international arbitration tribunals. For each case, we put together the most appropriate team depending on the dispute, because we are aware that our strength lies in understanding the real needs of our clients and the characteristics of their business. This team, led by a partner, develops together with the client a unique strategy to defend its interests. In this way, we guarantee a proper and thorough analysis of each case, carefully identifying the contingencies and risk factors for the client. As a result, we have a high rate of positive results in arbitration decisions in the cases we support.

We provide legal advice in the stages prior to the initiation of arbitration proceedings, such as negotiation and/or conciliation, where we have managed to stamp the seal of high specialization. In these preliminary stages we also execute all those measures necessary to enforce the rights of our clients, such as the anticipated presentation of evidence or the filing of precautionary measures.

Likewise, once the arbitration process is concluded, we advise on actions to challenge arbitral awards or on proceedings for the enforcement of arbitral awards and the recognition of foreign arbitral awards.

The most common areas in which we are involved providing arbitration defense to our clients are: civil law, commercial law, construction law, regulation of public services, tax works, public procurement, insurance, as well as disputes arising from public-private partnerships and investment disputes. The areas and industries in which we provide arbitration advice are diverse and include insurance, medical services, real estate investment, finance, mining, engineering and construction, telecommunications, hydrocarbons and electricity.