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Arbitration in Public Procurement

Arbitration in Public Procurement

"We provide specialized advice to suppliers and contractors for the execution of their contracts with public sector entities".

A special mention deserves our arbitration practice related to government contracts, where we have been advising suppliers and contractors on the execution of their contracts with various public entities.

Considering that the admissibility of a supplier's or contractor's claims under the State Contracting Law depends on compliance with formal and substantive requirements that must be diligently addressed prior to arbitration, our firm provides early counseling for the proper administration of contracts.

Although disputes can vary widely, in our experience, some of the recurring cases involve the application and challenge of contractual penalties, reduction of goals, support of additional work, determination of a force majeure event, quantification and support of requests for extensions of time, increased overhead and direct costs, the origin and/or consequences of a contract termination, and more.

Our firm's experience allows us to advise our clients in all stages of dispute resolution, such as conciliation, direct negotiation, dispute resolution board, arbitration.

Likewise, we have also acted as advisors and attorneys for public entities in their disputes with suppliers and contractors, in all cases determining whether or not their claims were properly justified.