Seminario de Derecho Contractual “Los Contratos: Una perspectiva del litigio” (Contract Law Seminar “Contracts: A Litigation Perspective”)

Rodríguez Angobaldo Abogados developed, together with the institution IDEM and the UTP Universidad Tecnológica del Perú, organized the Seminar on Contract Law “Contracts: A Litigation Perspective”, which took place between June 9 and 11, and was lectured by several partners and associates of our law firm. The Seminar approached the subject from a practical point … Read more

Specialization Course on Civil Procedural Law

Our partner Jaime Heredia Tamayo will participate in the Specialization Course on Civil Procedure Law, organized by Be Lawyer and accredited by Ilustre Colegio De Abogados De Huánuco, with the participation of outstanding professionals. The lecture he will present is entitled “Proceso Sumarísimo” (“Expeditious Proceeding”). Jaime has more than 20 years of experience in contentious-administrative … Read more

V Peru-Spain International Conference

Our partner Enrique Varsi-Rospigliosi will participate as a speaker at the IV Peru-Spain International Conference organized by the IPA – Peruvian Institute of Arbitration, which will take place on June 13 and 14. He will participate in the panel “Recusación de Árbitros” (“Recusal of Arbitrators”), accompanied by leading representatives from both countries, on Monday 13, … Read more

“Agreements of the IX Supreme Jurisdictional Plenary Session on labor matters”.

Our partner César Abanto Revilla published in Jurídica, legal analysis supplement of the newspaper El Peruano, the article “Acuerdos del IX Pleno Jurisdiccional Supremo en materia laboral” – Impacto en las relaciones de trabajo (Agreements of the IX Supreme Jurisdictional Plenary Session on labor matters – Impact on labor relationships). Our partner César Abanto Revilla … Read more