International Correspondents

Rodríguez Angobaldo Abogados is a member of the first international litigation and arbitration correspondent program in Latin America.

Through this program, the firm aims to (i) provide improved, more comprehensive services to our international clients with interests in the region, as well as domestic clients with a commercial presence in Chile, Peru, Colombia and/or Mexico; (ii) enhance our international litigation and arbitration capabilities and skills; and, (iii) gain access to doctrine, jurisprudence, and sources of legal information in general that apply in the various Pacific Alliance jurisdictions where program member firms are located.

We are proud to have the following leading litigation and arbitration firms as correspondents in Latin America:


– Malpica, Iturbe Buj y Paredes (México)

Ovalle & Bulnes Abogados (Chile)

– Suescún Abogados (Colombia)